EXTRAS: Food, Add-Ons & Solo Retreats

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ~ Virginia Wolf

“Never stop celebrating — for in these moments, joy springs eternal and love for one another grows.” ~ Kiki Gee


~  Signature Integrative Massage (60 minutes)…$70
~  Energy Balancing Healing Touch (60 minutes)…$70
~  Detoxing Charcoal Mask (20-30 min)…$40
~  Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Wellness Coaching or Writing Coaching/Analysis (60-75 min.)…$70 per session / or 3 sessions for $150

~ Creativity “Reboot”/Integrative Play (30-60+ min.)…$40


Do you agree that the most important relationship we will ever have in our life (outside of our higher power/spirit), is with our selves?  When we are depleted of energy and “light”, what we give to others, to our jobs, to our community, to ourself, is lackluster.

Solo retreats offer one the chance to simply “be” with nature to rebalance, refresh and re-spark the natural light inside you.  The more quality time you spend being well fed and well nurtured, and tucked in nature, the better your body, mind, and spirit rebalance.

Solo guests repeatedly tell us they return from their stay here feeling more at rest, more alive, more productive, better refreshed, more “centered,” and ready to take on their normal responsibilities with greater focus and joy.

Our solo retreats give ample time to pause, to reflect/pray, to read and/or journal, to be creative, to stretch, to exercise, to dream, to “feel,” to rest, to ponder, to release feelings, and to reconnect to yourself. You also get super tasty and healing foods, nurturing through spa and creativity options, daily exercise (and optional green juice detox), and plenty of quiet, reflective time.

Stepping away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life allows you to focus inward and experience a deeper sense of rest so you can return home better balanced and revitalized.


Some retreat guests come specifically to tap into their creative side – to write, to draw, to photograph, to create – while others come to grieve a loss or talk-through a difficult life choice with the life-coaching option.

Others come to jump-start a healthy-eating plan (Karen is a former major program Wellness Director who is happy to serve vegan, paleo, whole30, green-juices or whatever special needs you have).

All benefit from the nurturing downtime which refuels themselves – body, mind, spirit.

With so many unique needs, no retreat is ever the same but all include an abundance of uninterrupted quality time, your choice of retreat options, and did we mention — tasty HEALTHY food and lots of natural viewing and optional hill walking? There are also nearby extras you can opt to do – parks to hike, caves to explore (like The Cave Without a Name), river floating (seasonal), horseback riding, and boutique/antique shopping and more!

Bella Green also provides a safe and comfortable location to partake in most types of 3-day or 5-day SOLO retreats. Solo retreat packages are only available during the week (Sunday through Thursday nights) and the standard package for ONE, includes the following:

  • Private lodging in the Guest House: Choice of the Fleur or the Pacifico room with full PRIVACY (we do not rent out the 2nd room so you can stretch out more comfortably) or for an extra $65/night, you may opt to stay in one of our private Tiny Houses or our new Plentisphere.
  • Daily meals: Artisan breakfast or brunch (your choice), a fresh juice/veggie smoothie, a healthy “Sunset” dinner plus an evening snack/dessert. Unlimited filtered and Ph-balanced water, coffee, and tea are provided too.
  • Includes one Daily Premium service: Each day, choose a 60-minute massage, an energy balancing session, a creativity session, a charcoal facial mask plus paraffin hands and feet dip, &/or a full hour life coaching session. If you’d like more than one premium service/day, it is an additional $50 fee per option added. For writers, this can include help with a project or general writing assistance as needed.
  • Unlimited access to our whole body vibration machine, yoga mat, rowing machine, hand weights, and some terrific neighborhood hill walking.

Inclusive Price for any Sunday-Thursday Retreat: 3 days ($750), 5 days ($1180) – plus an extra $65/day if you choose a tiny house or PleniSphere stay. Call to check RETREAT availability before booking.