Retreat with Bella Green…

Going on retreat is a time to get away from the demands of life – of everyone and everything – in order to emerge in a better place and often with a new perspective. Our retreats include ample time to pause, to pray, to be reflective, to be creative, to stretch, to exercise, to dream, to “feel”, to reconnect and to nurture. Stepping away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, many of our retreat guests find that with a few days away, they are able to rest, heal, reflect, and renew their spirit. Some come specifically to tap into their creativity (to write, to draw, to dream) while others come to grieve a loss, some come to talk-through a difficult life choice (via life-coaching), others have come jumpstart a healthy eating plan. No retreat is the same…but the all include an abundance of uninterrupted, quality time, without a schedule or demands, and did we mention — tasty HEALTHY food.

Bella Green provides a safe, peaceful and nurturing location to partake in 3-day and 5-day SOLO retreats. Our retreat packages are only offered during the week (Sunday through Thursday nights) and the standard package for one, includes the following:

  • Private lodging at the Guest House: Choice of the Fleur or the Pacifico room with full PRIVACY (we do not rent out the 2nd room so you can stretch out more comfortably) /**or for an extra $65/night, the Tiny House.
  • Daily meals: Artisan breakfast or brunch (choose to have this for breakfast or lunch), a fresh juice/veggie smoothie (for breakfast or lunch), a healthy dinner and evening snack. Unlimited filtered water, coffee, and tea are provided too.
  • Daily premium service: Each day, choose a 60-minute massage, an energy balancing session, a creativity session or life coaching. If you’d like more than one service/day**, it is an additional $60 fee per option added.
  • Unlimited access to our whole body vibration machine, yoga mat, rowing machine, ballet barre and infra-red detox sauna.

Inclusive Price** for any Sunday-Thursday Retreat: 3 days ($750), 5 days ($1180).


Consider these options for yourself: Artist/Writer Retreat, Reclaiming Self Retreat, Grief/Loss Retreat, Rest & Relaxation Retreat, and Detox Retreat.