Tiny House Sales

We are here to help you choose your “perfect” tiny house!

We now carry our own Bella Green Tiny House DIY shells and fully built models which are unique in both price (being very affordable) and width (they are a 6″-12″ wider than most all other Tiny Houses on wheels). All come on wheels, but if you like, may be removed and set on a foundation. Our shells give you a super strong base which then allows you to then create your perfect DIY customizations. We love for you to create a Tiny that is authentically “You” or if you are not handy we are happy to build a standard one for you.

Our DIY Bella Green shells are perfect for those wanting to take their time to build and/or customize to their specific needs.

DYI shells start as low as $23k for the 22-foot models and go up to $31k for the 26-foot models.

Fully-built Tiny Houses (the only missing parts are the stars and the inside painting!) start at $35k for a 22 ft., $37k for 24 ft, and $39k for 26 ft. houses.

All are solid, well-built, and warehouse-priced. And though we are in the Lone Star state, we ship ANYWHERE in the Continental U.S.A. Want more information or have questions, call Mike at 512-701-5257.