Tiny House & PleniSphere (Tent) Sales

We are here to help you choose your “perfect” tiny house!

Bella Green Tiny Houses come in your choice of DIY shells or functionally finished versions. All are affordably priced, wider in width than most all other Tiny Houses on the market, and structurally, very soundly built.

All Bella Green Tiny Houses come delivered to you on wheels. However, unlike most Tiny builders, if you like, the metal trailer may be removed post-delivery and set on a foundation of your choice. Used as a guest house, art studio, exercise area, retail spot, personal sanctuary, home-school classroom, weekend-getaway living quarters, or as a full-time home, these customizable treasures can be yours within 2-3 months of ordering.


Our DIY Shells are perfect for those wanting to take their time to build and/or create a custom layout within the space. It will arrive as a fully-framed and enclosed building with all windows and doors in place and the sub-floor is fully insulated! Interior walls are missing as well as electricity and plumbing—but now the fun can begin! Create anything you want within this blank interior space and be the proud owner of a unique “Authentically You” Tiny!

DIY Shells on Wheels start at $23,500-$26,500 for 22-foot models, $25,500-$28,500 for 24-foot models, and $27,500-$30,500 for 26-foot for this very flexible and fun option!


For those that want the ease of a ready-built at a VERY AFFORDABLE price, our standard functionally finished Tiny Houses on Wheels may be just what you are looking for! Today’s AVERAGE tiny house costs between $55,000-$75,000, but we offer you that same value for 30-40% less! And with great customer service.

Functionally finished models start at $35,900-$38,900 for the 22-foot models, $38,900-$41,900 for the 24-foot models, and $41,900-$44,900 for the 26-foot Tiny Houses.

And though we are in the Lone Star state, we ship ANYWHERE in the Continental U.S.A. If you would like more information or have questions, call Mike at 512-701-5257.

We have a NEW (and available for sale) customized BellaSera model at the B&B that you are welcome to tour (with advance reservation) &/or rent overnight to “try before you buy”. Call Karen to schedule an overnight stay at 210-251-5766.

COMING SOON! Three of our models are soon available to rent at: Doc’s Drive in Theatre & Weewok Village in Buda, TX (just outside of Austin) and offer a unique experience that is extra fun!

* Bella Green Tiny Houses is an exclusive wholesale distributor for Vintage Cottages and Tiny House Designs in the state Texas!


Bella Green B&B is also a proud representative of Pleni-Sphere Luxury Tents.

These high-quality double-walled tent homes are crafted with a commitment to health, well-being, and long-term satisfaction. For more information, call Mike at 210-317-1836.



A PleniSphere is where you can go to play and thrive and works well as a home, yoga studio, office – you name it! It is ecological, easy to set up, 100% wind sturdy, comfortable, and comes with a 10 year replacement guarantee.

The PleniSphere can be customized to be as small as 40 square feet or as large as 500 square feet. The one we have at Bella Green is the QUEEN size model, which is 10 feet high and 15 feet in diameter. When you book a night with us and then purchase for yourself, we are able to give a $500 discount on the base cost of the standard $12,000 (queen size tent).